A modern responsive front-end framework based on Post CSS & jQuery

The feature of Nimbus


CSS is being changed using PostCSS in Nimbus.CSS holds a used plug-in at a minimum to avoid the one of being too to will be in the original specification.


  • postcss-cssnext
  • postcss-import
  • cssnano

Responsive & Mobile first

The grid system is flexbox based. So it's simple and excellent than the float layout! Same height box, Reverse grid, Equal spacing layout and more.

Component which is often used was collected.

component which is often used by a corporate site was collected. It's possible to button up the favorite color and size by changing the color and the size which become a basis.


The architecture of CSS in Nimbus is based on FLOCSS. There is variables.css which manages a variable of CSS by a core directory. It's made compilation now using Gulp.

        ├ core/
        ├ foundation/
        ├ layout/
        └ object/
          ├ component/
          ├ project/
          └ utility/


Nimbus licensed under MIT. Nimbus is absolutely free for personal or commercial use.